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You first notice me from across the room. You can’t help but look at me, a fit and slim woman with milky skin and an electric look in her eyes. You note the small details: the way my skirt clings to my waist, the sparring and tasteful jewellery, the leather jacket casually draped over one arm. My face is my most complimented feature: hazel eyes, high cheek bones, cute little nose, sensuous mouth, and a long, lean neck which begs to be stroked. As my photos show, I have porcelain skin which feels buttery soft underneath your hands and a few very small, delicate tattoos. My long, dark hair tumbles down my back. The discipline I exercise in caring for my health and appearance is displayed in my figure. I am very fit, with well-defined muscle tone, an exquisite, juicy ass, and perfectly shaped legs. For our date, I will be dressed in something stylish and feminine, appropriate for an upscale crowd. I'm equally at ease in well-fitted jeans and in a beautiful dress. Imagine casually sexy: classic and simple with a modern edge. My photos only give you a peek of my predilection for lingerie. I’d love to show you more. One of my great pleasures is a good conversation. I adore witty banter, scepticism, curiosity and passion. (I also have a soft spot for unpretentious silliness, puns, and macabre, dry humour.) I'm a great listener and love engaging with questions that give pause for thought.


Dress Size:8
Hair Colour:Brunette
Eye Colour:Hazel


Location:South Kensington
Nearest Tube:South kensington


Incall 1h:300
Incall 2h:500
Incall add 1h:200
Incall Overnight:1800
Outcall 1h:350
Outcall 2h:550
Outcall add 1h:200
Outcall Overnight:1800

Note: All the rates given are in (£).